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Moon Stars Sun - Celestial Stationery Journalling Set

  • £1795

A beautiful set of celestial-inspired stationery.  Each box includes:

 -  An out-of-this-world washi paper roll, featuring a wonderful metallic foil print of stars, planets, moons constellations and more!  Each roll has 10 metres of lovely quality paper tape and is 1.5cm wide.

- A mini scrapbooking paper book,  featuring a beautiful selection of 60 pages of mini journalling and scrapbook collage sheets, each featuring 15 x 4 vintage designs.  Each page measures 10cm x 14cm.

- Set of 46 peel-off paper mini-box stickers.  Includes beautiful celestial, planets and moon imagery, these stickers make a lovely addition to journals, scrapbooks, photo albums, mailings and more.  2 x 23 designs stickers of varying sizes, contained in a 4.4cm x 4.4cm box.

- Set of 60 gold foiled paper vellum (vellum is a delicate semi-opaque paper that gives a beautiful vintage effect that is perfect for layering) peel-off paper stickers. Each pack contains 3 x 20 designs featuring moons, constellations and night sky cosmic inspired imagery.  The stickers are made from delicate vellum paper with a gold foiled detail on a plastic backing.  Each pack measures 9cm x 18cm and includes stickers of varying sizes.

Beautiful set of 40 vellum paper peel off stickers.  Each pack contains 2 x 20 designs.  The pack measures 9.5cm x 15.5cm with each paper peel-off sticker measuring around 2.5cm x 11cm.

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