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Mini Box Journalling Sticker Sets - 6 Designs to Choose

  • £295

- Choose from 6 designs of beautiful mini box stickers, perfect for journals, albums, scrapbooking, collages, planners and more!

- Featuring beautiful vintage designs, including flowers, butterflies, vintage advertisements, text, numbers and moons.

- Each box contains 2 x 23 small paper peel-off stickers of varying sizes, each contained in a 4.4cm x 4.4cm box.

- Can't decide which set to go for?  Buy all 6 for only £8.95 - that's a fantastic 276 stickers to decorate your stuff or to send as a gift to a friend!

- Your stickers may become curled in the box, but once the peel-off backing is removed, they should stick perfectly flat.  There may be paper residue leftover from the die-cutting process, these can be easily trimmed with scissors!